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So Simple / 애즈원[エジュウォン]


Korean → Japanese

There`s just one thing,
That we need you to know
We ain`t bout the better things,
We ain`t bout what money brings
It`s the love within,
That`s what makes us complete
If you`d only understand,
You`d be all the better man
* We need a little hugging,
kissing, to show you care
Nothing more than simple love
Don`t try to buy our loving,
feeling, It gets you nowhere
Let us lead the way
** Everyday, Put a smile upon our face
Every night, Always being by our side
Everyday, try to snow what`s in your heart baby
And love us more than yesterday
Insecurities, Hold you back from our needs
This relationship could be,
So mush more than you believed
Love is always true,
When it`s deep within you
Nothing left to understand,
You`ll now be the better man
* ** Repeat
time: 2021/04/12

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