Singer Name (Kana/Alphabet/Hangul):

DESTINY' S DESIRE / 애즈원[エジュウォン]

One + One (원 플러스 원[ウォン プ(ル)ロス ウォン])

Korean → Japanese

Boy I can make your dream come true
If only you would want me to
Gonna lead you to my room tonight
Boy I would make good love to you
Love sweeter than honeydew
Making love until the morning light
I can see the passion in your eyes
Just one look makes me weak
I lose control with just one kiss
It's your love that I crave
Tonight is the night, make love by candle light
I would give you my all
Sensations flow all through my veins
You caress my soul so tender
I cry out your name in ecstasy
One time, One Time, Is all it takes then I'm in heaven doing it
One time, One Time, Leaves me yearning for more
* Repeat
Baby, You're my destiny's desire
You know, Yu're the man of my world
You are all that I need
The man of my affection, yeah
Destiny's Desire
The heat of the night, Need you to comfort me
Make this moment feel so night
I'm so in the mood to love you down
Feed this hunger with such sweet
Pleasure want to please you
We share this flame that burns
As bright as Stars this
Feeling we can't deny
* Repeat (X2)
Boy I can make your dreams come true

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