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전설 속의 누군가처럼[チョンソ(ル) ソゲ ヌグンガチョロ(ム)] (The Unwritten Legend) / 신승훈[シンスンフン]

The Legend - Specia...

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Look inside the mirror of your heart
There's a stranger looking back
Can't remember when you felt the flame
Of the thirsty fire still burning from within
What has brought you,where's this place you stand
What have you been fighting for
Childhood dreams and passion in your soul
Were they imaginary stories in your mind
# Repeat 1
Take a moment and look closer
Set the one inside you free
Let no-one stand in your way
Follow your heart
This world is yours to take
(So) spread your wings and fly
# Repeat 2
The smallest movement of a baby bird
Tells us the living birth of spring is drawing near
(Can you see awhole new world)
Nothing in this world can hold you back
Remember limits lie beyond the crimson skies
(No-one knows the way you feel)
Lift your head high reach and touch the sky
Not even time can stop what you have started here
(You can soar and touch the sky)
There's a story only you can write
The legend of a life just waiting to unfold
# Repeat 1
# Repeat 2

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