Singer Name (Kana/Alphabet/Hangul):

Upgrade III / 스윙스[スウィンス](Swings)

  1. Upgrade III (Prod. By 김신[キ(ム)シン])
  2. Jon Snow (Prod. By Lnb) (Feat. DEAN)
  3. Shit Is Real (Prod. By IOAH) (Feat. The Quiett, 기리보이[キリボイ], Kid Milli)
  4. 2007 (Prod. By IOAH)
  5. Master Mind (Prod. By Squabby Doo)
  6. Young CEO (Prod. By Squabby Doo) (Feat. Bully Da Ba$tard)
  7. Octagon (Prod. By IOAH) (Feat. NO:EL)
  8. 문 뒤[ムン トゥィ] (Prod. By Offair) (Feat. Tommy Strate)
  9. Wave (Prod. By 김신[キ(ム)シン])
  10. 0개국어[ケグゴ]
  11. Visit You (Prod. By IOAH) (Feat. Colde)
  12. 진료기록[チ(ル)リョギロ(ク)] (Prod. By GRAY)
  13. Holy (Prod. By 천재노창[チョンジェノチャン])
  14. 매일[メイ(ル)] Intro
  15. 매일[メイ(ル)] (Prod. By IOAH) (Feat. 버벌진트[ボボ(ル)ジントゥ])
  16. The End